Surf & Sea Star Baby Blanket | Free Crochet Pattern

Finally, after long last, here I am with another Ginger Peachy crochet pattern!

I've talked about my love for the simple art of baby blanket-ing in past posts, but let me just say, I love making baby blankets because I consider it an honor to be able to make something special and personal, a product that a child will use, and possibly remember through the years.

With this design, I was inspired by another piece of art, a lovely painting I saw on Pinterest where the frothy waves were rippling across the sand and a lone orange sea star sat in the corner. The simplicity of the scene grabbed me instantly, but the colors were what won me over.

Ready for the pattern?!

A Dried Up Brook | Lessons From Elijah

In subjection to the way of things lately, I am straying from my usual schedule for a while until I get another available computer. So no craft post today.

Instead I want to talk about a few things God has been teaching me.

Am I dealing with a dry brook?

Sounds funny when you say it out of context. 

An Unanticipated Vacation: More Profitable than You’d Think

If you’ve wondered why I have been a bit silent lately, let me just say that it was not of my choosing.

Last Thursday I was putting the finishing touches on my baby blanket for Friday’s free crochet pattern when a freak lightning bolt hit a tree behind our house. It fried a great deal of electronics. So much for surge protectors. We were out of internet for 2 days and I am still out of a good computer. I’ve typed some of this on my tablet, which is not easy, and wondering whose computer I can steal for further work.

Business Pitfalls: Bombing Out or Sticking To It

Did you know that you can feel absolute disgust for something that started out as a dream job?

If you have your own business, I am sure you know what I am talking about. 

The feeling of being absolutely run down and overdue for a break, or the more advanced feeling where you wonder why you even began it in the first place. 

I'm the latter. Or at least I was.

New Crochet Pattern Sneak Peek | Kawaii and Pineapple

I am so pleased to introduce to you my Kawaii Pineapple Amigurumi!

The pattern will be available at Crochet Spot within the next few weeks, and I will share more about the story of this little guy then.