Cute Cat Smells Dinner

Once again, another adorable video. This reminds me of Mr. Darcy, our black and white cat. He’s an absolute monster, but sweet. When he was little he had the most voracious appetite. We said he thought he was a dog because he ate practically everything we gave him. He would sit by the table at every meal time and wait for us to drop him some food until my brother taught him to reach up and get himself. We would then set the food (he loved bread, by the way) on the very end of the table and wait for him to reach up and pop it down to the ground. A bad trick, really. But it was too cute. Another thing he would do was catch the food in his paws and eat it like a raccoon. I speak in the past tense because he’s too lazy to do any of that now. That and he’s full grown, no longer in his “larval” stage, so he doesn’t need as much. Anyhow, enjoy the video.

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