Month: August 2012

Creatures in our Backyard – Issue #2 – Baby Squirrel

Last month I talked about Toads which you can read if you missed it by clicking here. This month I want to talk about a squirrel, a baby one to be exact. Every night I take the dogs to the front yard and let them […]

Book Review #1: Gold of Kings, Storm Syrrell Adventure Series, Book One

Synopsis: Storm Syrrell is young woman with a passion for art and antiques just like her grandfather, and when she gets a job at her grandfather’s well-known business in Palm Beach she feels she has found her niche. But then her grandfather suddenly fires her […]

Bryson Andres – Talented Musician!

I’m not a One Republic fan but this guy plays it great. Excellent talent, excellent equipment. This is just one of the many videos of him on YouTube. My question is why is everyone not stopping to listen? Who could continue shopping when you can […]

Let Us Pray For Ramsha!

Christians tend to do a lot of talk sometimes, and it’s easier to talk, but its harder to do. I’m no saint. I don’t pretend to be a hardworking Christian that does all the work God calls for her. I need to hear this as […]

Fig Newton Cookies

After receiving fresh figs from the grandparents, I decided some fig newtons would be nice. But I didn’t have the time to roll out the dough and do it properly so I decided to make them in cookie form. Using the basic drop cookie recipe: […]

Deer Fawn Comes Through Doggie Door

You never would have believed it could happen until you saw it. Deer can fold those long legs up better than you might think.

Screaming Little Darling of a Kitten

Another too cute video! Our Lizzie has had three litters so we are well acquainted with the little darlings. The funny thing about these kittens is they are so short. Its cute. I wonder what kind of cat they are. My guess is its hungry. […]

The Creatures in my Backyard – Toads

Now the traditional theory is that little girls don’t like frogs or toads, and we have all heard the story of how Johnny stuck a frog in Susie’s desk at school and scared her half to death. But not so strangely I was never like […]