Let Us Pray For Ramsha!

Christians tend to do a lot of talk sometimes, and it’s easier to talk, but its harder to do. I’m no saint. I don’t pretend to be a hardworking Christian that does all the work God calls for her. I need to hear this as much as the next person. But on the other hand, sometimes doing what is right is not much more than prayer. Today I am speaking about Ramsha, a girl in Pakistan who was arrested on the accusation of having burned pieces of the Koran. The details aren’t very clear to me, but then again when is news from Muslim countries vever clear. As far as I can tell, she is a girl of sixteen with Down’s syndrome. Maaria, another girl from Pakistan, said Ramsha is a girl who “picked garbage”. I’m not sure what that means but either way, Maaria has made an important plea for Christians, all over the world, to raise their voices in prayer for Ramsha. She doesn’t stop with “Please pray”, she asks us to pray that God will raise her up on the wings of eagles, that He will intercede on her behalf.

She says, “Pray for the cell she sits in, for the people around her, for the police officers in charge of her. Pray that between her and each other person there will be a hedge of angels, a hedge of mighty protection and if anyone even dares so much as to touch a hair on the head of the little one, may the Lord himself restrain them.

“May she be nourished. May she be strengthened. When she is thirsty may Jesus himself give her drink if no one is else is willing to in this heat, if she is hungry may He give her food. When she is afraid, confused or threatened may she have an experience of Jesus and his all surpassing peace. “
She quotes, ” ‘Let us pray that she like Peter will see prison doors open and the way before her clear to go home’.” And goes on to say, “PLEASE FRIENDS PRAYER WILL BREAK THROUGH- because he is a God of love and Father of compassion- may His compassion flow through us and His spirit guide our prayers!” 

How so! We in the west have seen so little persecution that we don’t feel the need to get down on our knees and petition our Father. But times are getting worse and the only hope we will find will be found in Jesus Christ. Don’t stop with small prayers, let us all ask God to do BIG things, because He can, and if we ask in faith, He will.

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