Loops & Threads Zig-Zag Pillow

Its always nice to find new patterns when shopping in a craft store, but its not nice when you sit down to do it and find out its not correct.

This has happened to me at least twice, both times with a Loops & Threads pattern. The first time was with the Lilac and White Crochet Baby Blanket. A beautiful colored blanket with a delightful ripple technique. It wasn’t very far into it that I started pulling out my hair. At the moment I can’t recall the exact problems I had but stay tuned if your looking for hope.

Then one day, I decided we should have some more couch pillows. So I pulled out the patterns I had and laid them in front of my mother. I asked her which one she preferred and the Sideways Zig-Zag Pillow was chosen. We got the yarn choices and I sat down to work but once again I encountered problems. Remembering that it took me twice as long on the blanket than it should have, I said it was time to see if there is a different way. I was not in the mood to struggle and have to solve the pattern problem myself. So I googled it and found the pattern on Michaels.com but it still didn’t help. So I searched again and… I found the corrections on Ravelry! I was thrilled. But as usual I studied it thoroughly before I admitted I had found the answer. It really helped but I found that I didn’t have to follow all the corrections. So without further ado I will explain my own.

Now the free flyer I found at the store has only three rows of instructions while the pattern on Michaels’ site has four rows that still aren’t correct. I can’t figure out why the flyer would have only part of the pattern, and still making it appear as though it was the complete pattern.

Anyhow, that’s when I went deeper and found corrections on Ravelry by a woman who had to figure it out the hard way. Here’s her pattern if interested: Alaina2’s Zig-Zag Pillow. Finding corrections on this pattern I searched to see if there was more to the last one I had, the Lilac and White Baby Blanket. There was, on Michaels.com, but I haven’t tried the pattern again to see if the extended pattern is correct.

Her corrections are very helpful, but I found that her Row 4 is not necessary plus I still had to make some other corrections. Here are my corrections:

Mum chose Vanna’s Choice Navy, Silver Grey, Burgundy, and Silver Blue, instead of the patterns choice to better match our living room decor.

(Referring to the online pattern)

  • Work Rows 1-4 (or steps 1-15)
  • Then to repeat 3-4 as instructed:
  • For Row 3 continue original instructions until you reach the last valley. Skip the valley as usual, sc in the next 4 st, then 2sc in next st., and 2 sc in next st. 
  • Now repeat Row 4 from original pattern.

So the corrections are only for Row 3. Alaina2’s corrections are for Rows 3-4 but I found them unnecessary.

Now comes the “assembling” where you are supposed to sew it up like an envelope. My pillow cover was more of a rectangle than a square so I had trouble figuring out the next step. Well, I did but it was a bit of a stretch, if you’ll pardon the pun. My family says the pillow turned out looking good, but I don’t advise looking at the back. The next time I make a pillow with this ripple pattern I will try something different, but I am not sure what. I might make the zig-zags straight instead of sideways, I’m not sure.

Here’s a picture of the back:

If you are working on this pattern and you have questions about the pattern or my corrections feel free to ask me. I hope my corrections are comprehensible.

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