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My big news is actually a bit late. If you’ve seen my tweets then this will be no surprise. To those who haven’t read my tweets: I’m published! No, not in writing, sadly. I’m still working on that. Actually I am now waiting for a response to my FIRST query letter. I can’t say I am very positive about because I have a problem being positive. Yeah, its not a good thing. But if God thinks this is something I need, then He’ll provide. Its all I’ve got.

I have published my site! That’s the good news. For years I have poked around on, a free site designing page, trying this and that but I am not a site designer and I personally don’t want to become one. The thing is I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me and my family are all too busy. Besides, if I didn’t know what I wanted then what am I to tell them. Nope. So I trudged through it myself. Two years at least it took me to actually figure out what I wanted and all that thanks to Wix’s already made sites.

My problem was I wanted everything to be original. Its something I have struggled with since childhood. When it came to writing, my characters had to have all new names (usually created) and since I don’t, usually, write fantasy you can see where things could get strained. Also I wanted my plots to be OVERLY original. Lets just suffice it to say, I in no way wanted to copy anyone or anything. Hence the many hours of struggling then AND now. Its hard to come to grips with the fact that its okay to be original sometimes. I so didn’t want my story to just be filed in with the rest of the fiction books out there that I almost pulled my hair out every time I sat down to write.

Naturally, the years change a person. I admit that I was impetuous in my earlier days. I saw things as black and white, so naturally having aspects of a book similar to someone else’s  in the smallest way was not at all acceptable. Thankfully, I have come to realize that although the name Mary is very normal it can fit certain characters. Now the trouble is purging that way of thinking from myself forever. Its not as much character plots anymore as it is writing the perfect article. I drive myself nuts trying to keep in mind all the do’s and don’ts in writing while still trying to remind myself to BE myself. It usually goes where I struggle, pull my hair out, cry, beat the table, sob to mother or anyone nearest, before I come to the point where I can be alright with just writing it the way it comes to me. (I sound like a mental case. I have issues. Perfection issues.) And naturally, I edit it afterward, but the initial draft is the heartache.

So back to my site… Since I chased a rabbit. I finally told myself that site designing is not something that comes naturally for me and is not something I want to spend my life doing, and I started searching through Wix’s already-made HTML sites. There I found the perfect site for me. The colors are me, the style has almost a vintage/newspaper look which I absolutely adore, and the layout just worked perfectly. I finally hit my pocket of inspiration after that and went at it with a vengeance.

And just to set things straight, those “two” years I didn’t spend as much time on designing my site as I should have or I might have come to this conclusion sooner. I had so much else I was trying to tackle that it was not at the top of my list till about a month ago. So…

But I’d love for everyone to tell me what they think about it. Here’s the url: or you can find a link at the top of My Links to the right and down. No, I didn’t make it the first link, it just so happens that my name starts with A.

Now I am throwing myself full force into my writing. Which I am glad I can do. But the typical race for time still exists. Anyone who says singles with no “job” have all the time in the world to do what they please needs… well, needs to be set right.

 So until next time…

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