Month: November 2012

Book Review #2 – Lion of Babylon, book One in the Marc Royce Adventures

SynopsisAfter the death of his wife, Marc Royce, former CIA agent, just tries to make it from one day to the next as an accountant. But when his old boss comes to visit, Marc finds out that his best friend and someone else, both CIA […]

Happy Thanksgiving – Quick and Easy Pie Crust

Is the pie crust one of the worst parts of making pies? Do you usually buy your crusts so that you won’t have to make them? Well here is the recipe for you. Okay, so that sounded like a commercial. But I do have a […]

Change – Or Finding My Niche

Well, lets see. Let me get my thoughts un-befuddled. Its terrible how that happens sometimes, isn’t it? First of all, I have now realized why I haven’t received any comments, ever, on this blog. And everyone says that’s strange. I think its strange because even […]

Is It Really Okay?

In light of the latest political turnout, many people are very down today. Of course, there are those who are rejoicing as well, but this blog post isn’t about them. A lot of young adults, my generation, have been commenting on the election with responses […]

Lost to History

With her eyes closed she willingly followed the hand pulling her onward, into a new place. The excitement threatened to boil over as the time passed and still she was unable to look. Finally she heard a great creak from large oak doors being swung […]