Change – Or Finding My Niche

Well, lets see. Let me get my thoughts un-befuddled. Its terrible how that happens sometimes, isn’t it? First of all, I have now realized why I haven’t received any comments, ever, on this blog. And everyone says that’s strange. I think its strange because even on my old blog I received comments and it didn’t have as big of a domain name as this one. Now this may sound a little juvenile to you, but it all had to do with my settings. Yep, I know I should have already checked it but I thought I did. Anyhow, I now have comments enabled so feel free to let me know your thoughts.

To get on to other things, last week I checked out the book Blogging for Bliss: Crafting your own Online Journal by Tara Frey at our local library. Sadly to say I haven’t got very far, but some of what I have read has been really helpful to me. I wish I had had this before I started this blog, it would have been really helpful. But since I didn’t I will just have to make amends along the way. One thing I know is that I need to open up a little more if I want it to be readable. Who’s attracted to a random blog that doesn’t seem to have a point or purpose? You might read one post but nothings predictable. There’s really nothing to bring you back again. You never know what might be the topic of the day. Tara Frey has helped me to see that I need to hone in on specific topics, within reason, because I am not very specific with my topics I write about.

I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while, realizing that I need a little more life, a little more about me, if this is going to be my online journal. I have to admit to you, though, I’m not too keen on displaying my life on the internet even though I like the online journal idea. Safety and all that. But if you bear with me I will get organized and find my niche. I’m trying.

Actually, the past few years of my life, at least the last year, has been all about finding my niche. As an aspiring writer, I have really been trying to find the type of writing that is right for me. At first I wanted to move into the freelance writing scene, thinking that was the answer to my looking for work. And though I haven’t changed my mind, right now its a little off base for me. Meaning, I have stories to finish, a blog to reform, my business to promote, crocheting, yada yada yada. (Okay, that was annoying). Plus I don’t live alone which means I have responsibilities to others and not just myself. Being a part of my family is incredibly important, even if I am single and living at home. Some say this is the age of freedom but I like to think of it as the age of learning. You don’t know what’s next for you or how long this time in your life will last, so make the best of it, not by shurking your responsibilities but by learning to honor them.

Okay, I chased a little rabbit there. Sorry. I am now off the soap box.

During my freelance writing research I found out that not all writing is for me. Journalism, for instance, the reporting of news, is really not my thing. What is my thing is creative writing, which is, well, what I do. Basically what you will find here on my blog comes under the heading of creative writing. I write about anything that inspires me. And that can get a little random at times so you see what I mean about trying to pull it all together in a less random style. I guess this is just a blog about my passions. That’s what it really should be anyway.

I have also learned that my blog template at the moment is a bit hampering. In fact what I really wanted in template design was a virtual scrapbook. Yes, I am a scrapbooker too. But as you might have read in a previous post, my scrapbooking is a bit unique in that I don’t scrapbook about people but things. Its hard to explain really. Basically its like creating a theme on a page. And thats what I want for my site. Lets just say I am not the most tech savvy. That’s why I am taking so long on getting it to the way I want, I have to do a lot of research. But I am getting there. Slowly.

For those who do read my blog, thanks for the patience. And I’ll see you back here soon at Over the Horizon. This is GoldenSails signing off.

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