Is It Really Okay?

In light of the latest political turnout, many people are very down today. Of course, there are those who are rejoicing as well, but this blog post isn’t about them.

A lot of young adults, my generation, have been commenting on the election with responses similar to these:

-“I’m glad the election is finally over. Now we can get back to life.”

-“Come on people, its not the end of the world. You just need to get over it and do what you are supposed to. Live right, raise your children right, and treat each others right.”

-“What’s the big deal? So what if he’s not the one you voted for. Its not that bad.”

First of all, anyone who views the future of our country with such nonchalance needs to step back and take a good look at their nation. They’ll see that America’s not as prosperous as it used to be, and then they need to ask themselves why. Just because what happens in Washington doesn’t (usually) immediately affect us doesn’t mean we should sit back and take it easy. If we, the young one’s of this generation, are so blind and uninformed as to let people in power con us into handing over the future, and not only our future but the future of our children and their children, then we deserve the judgement that is coming on America.

To those who don’t think it affects us, what about when they take away our freedom of speech in the form of illegalizing homeschooling, and guns, leaving us at the mercy of mad gunners (who you know are going to get their guns anyway), and force medical demands on our children, or conversely, refuse them from us when we don’t meet their standards, and etc. Does this not affect us?

Have we come so far as to forget the principles we were founded upon? What is freedom of speech when we live like the next socialist nation? I inquire honestly and sincerely. If we continue in this form of government any longer we can expect to have nothing but freedoms taken away and restrictions put in place. Our founding fathers realized this, that is why they painstakingly prepared the Constitution with all its principles and statutes, to keep powerful men from placing us back in Egypt, if you will, or 16th century England.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. How fitting for this latest news. We all know the reason we celebrate this holiday and the story behind it. After suffering religious persecution, Christian’s decided to find something better for their families and those to come. They took incredible risks to ensure this, risks I doubt many of us would be willing to go through today. And God blessed them and has been blessing America ever since. But when a nation turns their nose up at the God who gave them their prosperity, when they shake their fist in his face and refuse to give Him the allegiance He deserves, this is what they get, a crumbling nation.

We are coming a complete 360, people. Coming from a nation that defined your every move and told you what you would do, then to living free and finally understanding the meaning of liberty only to return to that restriction again. After tasting freedom, can we so willingly walk back into that cage now called socialism? No, it may not be willingly, but its ignorant.

Are we really okay? Tommy and Sarah, who just got married and plan to homeschool their children. David and Mary, who hear of the shooting in a downtown shopping center and wonder what they can do to protect their children, and themselves, from being the next victim. Or Bill and Becky, who have a child with Down’s Syndrome and the doctors don’t bother to give them the option of keeping the child because they now have the right to decide themselves whether its a life worth saving.

I realize this might seem a little over dramatic. But tell me, if you put yourselves in any of these situations, wouldn’t you agree?

Is it not really a big deal, the direction of our country? Maybe you have a job, maybe you have all the money you need to survive, with no family to care for or maybe with one, but what about the father who can’t get a job because the government is bankrupt and no one can afford to hire any more workers. The single mom who has the schooling she needs but no one will hire her? And you say there’s nothing to worry about. No wonder God sees fit to let us face judgement for while. Its because He loves us and He sees what we don’t. We are proud like the Isrealites in the Old Testament. Have you ever read the Old Testament and thought how dumb the Israelites were for falling for that same old trick? We are just like them. Losing the blessings God has given us for so many generations.

Search God’s word, its the only unchanging authority. Its good for any situation. And tell me we are on the right track.

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