Month: December 2012

In My Backyard – Issue #6 – Red-Breasted Nuthatch

 With a quick flutter it lands on the fence, its every move sharp and yet as delicate as a ballerina on pointe. The Red-breasted Nuthatch wears a Zorro mask to hide its a identity and a slate-grey cape to mute its rust-colored body so as […]

Classic Christmas Movie Review #4 – Holiday Inn

Welcome to the fourth of my Christmas movie reviews: Holiday Inn. Made in 1942, Holiday Inn is a musical about a performer, Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby), who becomes tired of his job and wants to take it easy on a farm. It also stars Fred […]

Classic Christmas Movie Review #3 – A Christmas Carol

 Welcome! This is the 3rd installment in my Classic Christmas Movie Review. Today I will write about “A Christmas Carol”. More than just a movie, A Christmas Carol must first be addressed as a book. But I will discuss the movies in a moment, so […]

Classic Christmas Movie Review #2 – Christmas in Connecticut

Welcome to the 2nd Classic Christmas Movie Review: Christmas in Connecticut. Made in 1945, it is the story of a woman who knows how to write a good magazine feature but doesn’t know how to deal with the consequences. Starring Barbara Stanwycke as Elizabeth Lane, […]

Classic Christmas Movie Review #1 – Miracle On 34th Street

 For all those who were expecting this sooner, I ask your forgiveness. My schedule didn’t work out like I hoped it would. But hopefully I will be able to be more consistent with the rest of the reviews. My Synopsis (warning, full synopsis includes spoilers): […]

At Christmas Time – The Classics

Picture from Karen’s Whimsy at I’ll admit it right up front, I’ve always had a tendency to be a couch potato. I know, it’s terrible. When I was little I was definitely worse, but now that I am older I have some self restraint. […]

In My Backyard – Issue #5 – Mistletoe

We all know mistletoe to be that beautiful holly look-alike that people hang up around Christmas time in doorways to catch wandering couples and embarrass them. But did you know that the plant is not really like holly? The mistletoe plant grows in many different […]