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I'll admit it right up front, I've always had a tendency to be a couch potato. I know, it's terrible. When I was little I was definitely worse, but now that I am older I have some self restraint. Be that as it may, I still love to spend my nights (and an occasional afternoon that I am not busy) watching movies. I must add though that I will not allow myself to just sit and watch them unless I am more than usually tired. Instead I crochet or do something else constructive while I watch. That changes everything, doesn't it?

However, my movie interests, if you do not already know, are quite vintage. I don't do silent films or really early talkies but from thereabouts up to mid-60's you'll find the films I am most acquainted with. Its quite a wide range, but then again, I've been watching them my whole life. I can definitely tell you which actors were what at the time. And yet there are still some I have never seen.

The genres I prefer are pretty much all except for the old cult and horror movies. I don't care for those. But musicals, comedies, mysteries, dramas, etc. Totally cool.

My reason for sharing this, as if I have to have one on my own blog, is because I am going to list my favorite classic Christmas movies I don't think anyone should miss. During this month of December, I will post a review on one of my top six favorites and try to do this every other night, except for weekends. We'll see how this works out. Bear with me, if you will. Deadlines are touchy things with me. Meaning, I have other responsibilities.

So here is my six favourite classic Christmas movies:
Most of these I am sure are familiar to some of you. And they should be in my opinion. The order in which I write them will be kind of up in the air, for I haven't decided which I wish to start with. I will most likely end with White Christmas as it will be closer to Christmas and that is when we usually watch it. Save the best for last, I always say.

Don't go away, the first is soon to come.

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