Month: January 2013

Culinary Chronicles – Asian Cuisine #1: Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Chicken

One of the things I like best is experimenting with different cuisines. This month I’ve been learning Asian, or more specifically, Korean cooking. Its all thanks to Chloe Lim, the Korean Food Addict (at who has posted many wonderful Korean dishes. I recommend you […]

New Crochet Pattern (Part One): Floppy Hat

(Updated pattern coming soon!) Hats fascinate me. I always wanted hats when I was younger but we were never hat people, and I couldn’t afford them myself. So when I learned to crochet I found some hat patterns and have been experimenting ever since. My […]

In My Backyard – Issue #7 – Rabbit

  More Than Just a Rabbit When you look up at the moon, what do you see? The man in the moon? A rabbit making mochi? –What?! A rabbit? Making mochi? Never have I looked up at the moon and seen a rabbit; making a […]

Resolution or Plain Resolve

In my last post called Getting it Straight — Maybe I talked about finally coming to terms with what I wanted, building my own business or writing. I realized that I could not devote the proper amount of time necessary to each of the projects […]

Getting it Straight — Maybe

Its taken me years to come to the point where I can say I know what I want. I’m not sure its exactly slow-learning or preoccupied. I’ve said before how I’ve always wanted to do everything from crafting and writing, to medicine and history, and […]

Classic Christmas Movie Review #5 – White Chrstmas

(Well I had expected to have these reviews finished before Christmas but unfortunately my schedule didn’t permit it. And since I promised to write them I will write them anyway. Ordinarily, I would be angry at myself for missing a deadline, even if it was […]