Resolution or Plain Resolve

In my last post called Getting it Straight — Maybe I talked about finally coming to terms with what I wanted, building my own business or writing. I realized that I could not devote the proper amount of time necessary to each of the projects I had and that I must downsize. Well, I am finally at peace with leaving my business behind (for now) and heading full force into writing, since it is the love of my life. This brings me to my post for today.

The new year is here and many people are struggling to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions. I have a theory for that. It is: if its not something you are successful at accomplishing during the rest of the year then don’t think you can accomplish it at the start of a new one. So I don’t make resolutions. But I do have hopes. And plans. Tentative plans.

Since the direction in my life is a little more focused, and clear, I have been able to lay some of the other things in my life aside. And I can’t say how good it feels to have a clear goal to shoot for.

So, with renewed resolve, I started this month with set, and yet simple, plans. I didn’t start the first week of the month, though. Since my mom and sister were still recovering from Bronchitis we took advantage of it to continue our holiday vacation. Then last week arrived. I caught up on my emails, cleared away all that had piled up over the holidays and prepared to plunge full force into my writing. As happens so often with the best of intentions, I didn’t really get started on that “plunge” until Thursday. But I am pleased to say that in the days I have been able to write I have really moved along. I am learning to ignore those voices in my head that tell me this and that and frustrate my writing, and am beginning to learn to let myself enjoy it. I must admit, I’ve never understood those people that can just write a story beginning to end without any changes or reconfiguring. I reconfigure a little too much, but never reconfiguring on your first draft? Unbelievable. Then again maybe I am missing something. Yet they say write the way you feel comfortable and don’t worry about the rules. So if that is true, I well on my way.

Anyhow, I have new resolve and a goal to shoot for. If its God’s will like I think it is, then I should be able to stick to this new schedule I have made for myself. Time will tell.

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