In The Mood for Valentines!

My sister and I both agree that February is the best month of the year. This is so for two reasons:

First of all, the month of February hosts both our birthdays, and birthdays are important. Its kind of like a day all your own, and its special. We choose our favourite meal and dessert, and evening activity, which usually consists of a movie. This year I said I was going to have an Alan Ladd marathon, but I doubt a movie marathon qualifies. By the way, if you haven't seen any Alan Ladd movies, let me recommend my just a few of my favourites: Whispering Smith; Captain Carey, USA; and (ooh, this is hard)... Branded. That's just a few, mind you. I have a post planned on all my favourites. For a rainy day.

But secondly, its the month of Valentines! We celebrate together in our own way. Mum prepares a special meal that we eat by candlelight on a specially decorated table, with soft Valentine's music playing in the background. We really enjoy it. This year she's going to fix Red Snapper, a fish we've never had before. Should be interesting. Plus she bought a CD, Lifescapes' Moonlight in Paris, from Target just for the occasion.

But, what have I been doing meanwhile? Crocheting! What else? In light of the season, I decided to make Crochet Today's Valentine's coasters. The colors were so bright and vibrant, naturally I couldn't resist.

I played with the color combinations, mostly following those they already used, but substituting some colors for others I had. Funny thing, out of all the colors I have, I don't have any yellow, and me, a yellow/green sort of person. Hm. I used a lime green in its place.

My little sister liked the hearts too, so I sewed a couple together and made a plushy. (The one in the middle). It's hard to tell in a picture like that. I couldn't quite get the 3D look I was aiming for. I'm not a photographer.

I my last post I said I was looking for something to make for my cousin. Seeing how today is Valentine's day, obviously I figured something out. I was searching through Red Heart's patterns when I came upon a pattern for crocheted earrings. I love earrings, long, dangling ones, that is. And I found some that were gorgeous. So that's what I finally decided to make for her, earrings. Here's the result:

Don't they look elegant? They're not my patterns, even though I made some changes. Both of them came from people right here on Blogspot. The first is from The second are my rendition of One Stitch Designs at I read where you could stiffen them with Elmer's glue but I liked the way these seemed to hang so I didn't try it.

While taking these pictures I was "assisted" by a sweet buddy. See his paws? His name is Mr. Darcy and he's something else. He walked up and started pushing against the camera. He didn't care that he was ruining my scene.

I've actually made some others I got from Vickie Howell's blog, (click here to see), I'll have to take some pictures of them as well.

But for now, that'll have to be all. See you next time right here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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