New Crochet Pattern (Part Two): Floppy Scarf

(Updated pattern coming soon!)

Hello again!

Ever since I received my first issue of Crochet Today last month, I’ve been thinking, sleeping, and eating, yarn. I don’t do it as much as I wish, and I do have other interests that vie for attention, but I get around to it.

In fact, I’ve come back to my first inspirations. Know what it is? Making baby clothes. Well, that’s one. The other is snowflakes. Years ago, I checked out a book of cute baby clothes to crochet and I adored it. The outfits were too adorable and I really wanted to try them. But a number of things halted my advance. First, I wasn’t as experienced at that time so the patterns still looked a little daunting; and then who would I give them to? I’ve never liked making things and then tossing them aside until I could find a use for them. I usually make what I want at that moment or what someone might need. Lastly, since I was more inexperienced, it would take me longer to make them and I couldn’t keep the library book that long. Of course, I could have looked some up on the internet, but there was still my other two problems to consider. So I kind of let it fade and interested myself in other things.

In the March/April Issue (2013) of Crochet Today, they feature a babies coat pattern called the Sunday Swing Coat. It’s made with Red Heart Gumdrop in Smoothie. I love the colors of that yarn! My next project I hope will be this one; that is, after I make something for my cousin. Her birthday is on Valentines (mines four days after). Love Valentines! But I don’t know what to make for her. Not a stuffy, done that before. She doesn’t wear hats or scarves that I know of, or any other like accessory. Hmm… help?

Picture Courtesy of Crochet Today

Anyway, after seeing this pattern in Crochet Today, my interest in making baby clothes was renewed but I still had the problem of what I would do with it, or them. Thankfully, I told Mum. She suggested I sell them at baby boutiques, or similar shops. I liked that idea, since I know of at least one I could try. Then I thought of my Etsy shop. A few months ago I started an Etsy shop but I never got it up and running. As you’ll remember in a couple of posts back, I said I felt God was encouraging me to let it go and focus on my writing. And I believe that is what He wanted. But what if God wanted me to get my mind off my first idea so that eventually He could point out something better? Instead selling this and that, like I had intended and honestly didn’t much care for, I could sell more exclusively by sort of pinpointing my interests. I must admit this sounds much more enjoyable than my first attempt. At this point, I’m not sure if it will work out, but it seems right. We’ll see where God leads.

So, to get to my real reason for writing today, allow me to present to you the matching scarf to my Floppy Hat. I changed some things in the pattern since I wrote it after making the scarf. I liked the scarf I made but it turned out I was a few feet short of yarn for making it all around the scarf for the border. Please let me know how your scarf turned out if you decide to make it, and if I made any mistakes. So without further ado:

Floppy Scarf (To Match Hat)

-Homespun yarns: 1 ball Apple Green, 1 ball Golden,
-Hook size 9.00mm (M13)
-Tapestry needle

Notes: Scarf is worked by switching colors every two rows unless otherwise specified.
One ball each is enough to complete both hat and scarf.

Extra stitches
V-Stitch: (Dbc, ch 1, dbc) in same st.

With Apple Green, ch 168,
Row 1: Turn, sc across. 167 sts.
Row 2: Ch 3 (stands for first dbc), turn, * work v-stitch in next stitch, skip two sts *, repeat from * to * until you have one st remaining. Dbc in last st.
Row 3-10: Repeat Rows 1 and 2, switching colors every two rows.
Turn, sc around whole scarf. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Copyrighted by Amy Lynn Yarbrough, 2013

Now I’m off to make Kale Chips. Another future post…

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