Month: March 2013

In My Backyard – Issue #9 – Roly Poly

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia  As a young child I would typically inspect plant soil and any fresh dug dirt for those “lovable”, round creatures I called roly polies. I had a fascination with them, as well as ladybugs, and pretty much any other creature I […]

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies

This Saturday my little sister and I had a cold and were chilling out while eating breakfast. She picked the movie. And no, for once it was not Cinderella. She wanted The Glass Bottom Boat. Funny. It’s a good movie, very hilarious. Besides, I’m a […]

A Crochet Pattern for St. Patrick’s Day and the Latest

I used to look at creating your own crochet patterns with some trepidation, thinking it was something only the experts could do. I mean, how would I know how to give it the right number and kind of stitches to give it the right shape? […]

Breaking News!

Well, here is my news. I’ve been given the chance to be part of the Crochet Spot team as one of the crochet professionals! Now you can find me there once a week (at least for now) with a new pattern. I have so many […]

The Large Adorable Mushroom – Crochet Pattern

Do you like mushrooms as much as I do? No, I doubt anyone likes them as much as me. But do you like them at least a little bit like I do? I think everyone should. But that’s one persons opinion. This post is dedicated […]

Culinary Chronicles – Asian (Korean) Cuisine #2: Pickled Korean Radish

When I discovered I spent the next few days exploring and learning. I was totally inspired and ready to embark on a new ‘cooking’ journey. I started simple and made something we already had the ingredients for, Korean Egg Rolls. My family loved them […]