Crochet Inspiration in the Movies

This Saturday my little sister and I had a cold and were chilling out while eating breakfast. She picked the movie. And no, for once it was not Cinderella. She wanted The Glass Bottom Boat. Funny. It's a good movie, very hilarious. Besides, I'm a big fan of Doris Day.

While watching it I noticed this blanket:

The color scheme is beautiful. I love the blend of yellows, oranges, and reds.
I'm considering remaking it.

The picture to the right shows a better example of the stitch pattern. Something like a shell and cluster. I've actually worked this before on a baby blanket some years ago. This will certainly be bigger. Plus, I'll have to guess at the amount of yarn. But that isn't daunting. It's actually exciting.

It'll be a while yet before I can try it though. Right now I'm trying to get used to creating a new pattern each week for Crochet Spot. Which, by the way, you can find my very first pattern, Spring Flower Earrings. Next week you'll find another pattern, this one for Easter.

But, as happy as I am to have landed the job, I'll get back to my first order of business.

I'm trying to decide what brand of yarn would be best. Unfortunately, I have very few at my fingertips, at least in the stores. Price is also something to consider. It'll take a lot of yarn so I could easily have a big bill. Any suggestions?

Another movie that has me thinking is The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934 version). Have you seen it? It's one of our favorites. The book is the best; I've read it twice now and I think its about time I read it again. There's just something about a foppish Englishman masquerading as a hero unbeknownst to his public. Marguerite, his wife, is a wonderful character as well.

But, my real reason for bringing it up is this, I've found another pattern I want to make.  

Lady Marguerite's gloves:

 The quality of those early films leave a little to be desired but I suspect you get the idea at least.

They're a delicate, fingerless glove with soft ribbing on the back. It would definitely be a job for lace. Compared to Suzanne's gloves, which are full length opera gloves, these are so much more gentle and pretty. I don't like bulky-looking formal gloves, not that all of them are, but these definitely complement the outfit. Don't you agree?

That's all for now. I'm always on the lookout for crochet inspiration. What inspires you? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

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