Month: April 2013

In My Backyard – Issue #10 – Garter Snake

Hi, and welcome to the tenth issue of In My Backyard. Each of these I post are inspired by actual events and findings and therefore are sometimes a bit difficult to come by. The winter months especially are difficult having little to no “animal life” […]

Culinary Chronicles – Kale Chips

Have you ever had kale? Do you know what it is? No, it’s not collard greens (blech!) but a delicious, sturdy, leafy plant in the broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts family. I was introduced to it through a salad my grandmother made. It was covered […]

What I’m Doing and My Plans

My cutie-pie, Lizzie Beth. She was helping me take photos of my latest project. Its sometimes difficult to find the right way to start a blog post. I’ve heard it said that the hardest thing for a writer is staring at that blank page. Though […]

Culinary Chronicles – Mexican: Stir Fried Nopales

As I have said before, having an International Farmers Market open up nearby has been the making of us. We’ve discovered fresh produce in a whole new way and we are totally inspired. One item in particular, that I never thought I’d buy, is nopales, […]