What I’m Doing and My Plans

My cutie-pie, Lizzie Beth. She was helping me take photos of my latest project.

Its sometimes difficult to find the right way to start a blog post. I’ve heard it said that the hardest thing for a writer is staring at that blank page. Though I can’t say I always have that problem, its definitely something I can relate to. Sometimes its just a matter of getting your thoughts organized. I seem to have a time doing that lately.

At first it was blogging and my other writing that I tried to juggle, and its not like it was too much, though I may have made a harder process of it than it was. Now that I’ve become a writer at Crochet Spot I’ve been doing some adjusting: writing an original pattern once a week, understanding the HTML. Its been really good for me so far, having a deadline that’s not just of my own making, and having incentive to create my own patterns. I’m really grateful for this chance. To tell you the truth, I never dreamed that I would be given the chance to do what I love for some place other than my own blog. It’s also nice to have some extra money on hand, though living at home doesn’t demand a lot of expenses. Plugging away at my writing is slow going and only now has my experiences offered a small financial benefit. I anticipate the day I can get my own stories published, it seems something so far away since I have been wanting this for so long.

But back to my latest. Since starting to work for Crochet Spot I’ve had to work with HTML, and though I have a nodding acquaintance with it, I’ve never had the chance to use it. I fear I’m becoming somewhat of a nuisance to Rachel, the founder of Crochet Spot, who has been so patient in assisting me with it. I’ve never considered myself a slow learner, but there’s just so much about HTML I can’t grasp.

Actually, I’ve been wondering some of these things before having to come upon them. What I want in a blog is something that reflects me in all my random-retro-colorful style, with buttons and pages that look like something right out of my scrapbook. And that’s essentially it, I want to set up my blog like I would a scrapbook page. The only problem is, I don’t really know where to start.

Not long ago I noticed the “Edit HTML” button in my template options and I realized that I could get more (how much, I don’t know) out this blog/template than I thought available on Blogspot. But where do I find all this paraphernalia that describes me, and secondly, how do I get it into the HTML?! Questions, questions, questions! Sounds like hours of research. But that’s what the internet is for, isn’t it? I just so happens, there are a dozen other things demanding hours of research, not to mention the hours of research my story writing needs. This brings me to another question: how do you balance all the things you need to do? We have a horrible problem around here of having too much to do and no time to do it in.

As for my blog plans, I’ll hopefully be able to figure it out soon. Maybe I’ll spend a post detailing exactly what I want. Sound boring? Hmm…

Speaking of future posts, I still have two more “Culinary Chronicles” I’ve promised but haven’t written yet. On Kale Chips and Ginger Tea. I’ve finally got the pictures so I’ll try to do them soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy browsing the contents of my blog. Make sure and leave me a message on what you think about it. And if you can tell me anything regarding the subject I have been speaking of (HTML) then I would love for you to tell me.

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