Month: May 2013

In My Backyard – Issue #11 – Turtles, Tortoises or Terrapins

The cold is officially over here in the mid-west and those days of drippy, humid temperatures have already begun. Though some of us might dread this warming weather, there are those who thrive in it. And I don’t mean those warm-blooded humans but literally warm-blooded […]

Having Questions Doesn’t Always Mean You’ll Have Answers

Gracie This morning I was fixing sourdough biscuits  like I do just about every other day. (We leave them in the fridge till supper to let the sourdough do its duty). Gracie, our pit bull/lab mix, was laying on the cool linoleum sleeping. She’s an […]

The Result of a Knock on the Door

There we were, preparing lunch, when we heard a knock on the door. I answered it and this woman told me that the bible never says God rules the world. I said, “Ha!” and shut the door in her face. Actually, I awkwardly told her […]

A Beautiful Love Story – Part Four (ending)

Part Four (read parts one, two, and three): Rebekah sat far into the night in the same spot on her window seat. Hours had passed and everyone had gone to bed long ago but still she sat unmoving.Her thoughts gradually began to clear and reality […]

A Beautiful Love Story – Part Three

Part Three (read part one or part two). “Sit down, my friend, sit down and eat. We are pleased that you honour us with your presence.”Rebekah’s father motioned for their guest, the servant of their relative Abraham, to take a seat at the table. Laban […]

A Beautiful Love Story – Part Two

Part Two (click here for part one). The sun was starting to droop in the sky when Rebekah finished her sewing and began to attend to the last chores of the day. Her father had bought material for the dress she was making just for […]

A Beautiful Love Story – Part One

Here’s a little story I’ve written. I have split it into four parts, this is part one. (Read Part two, three, and four). Rebekah awoke like she did every morning, to the beginning rays of the sun peaking in her window. Was it morning already? she […]