A Beautiful Love Story – Part Three

Part Three (read part one or part two).

“Sit down, my friend, sit down and eat. We are pleased that you honour us with your presence.”

Rebekah’s father motioned for their guest, the servant of their relative Abraham, to take a seat at the table. Laban hovered around, his face full of curiosity. At this point, Rebekah realized they all were itching to know just what this man was sent for but decorum insisted proper hospitality before questions. Therefore, they were all surprised when the man refused to eat until he had told the reason for his mission.

“My master Abraham is growing old and he called me to him one day and bade me go to his people to look for a wife for his son Isaac,” he explained. He went on to tell them of his masters great wealth and prosperity adding that Isaac was his only son, born to him when he was old. He was a blessing from God, the man declared.

He set out immediately to obey his master. Taking ten of his masters camels and a few servants, he travelled with haste for days, not taking much time to rest. It was obviously very important that he fulfil his masters command, thought Rebekah. Not often does one have a reason to travel at such a speed. This only proved to strengthen her awe and curiosity.

The servant continued. “I came to the well at evening time. No one was there at the present so I prayed in my heart that the woman God desired for my masters’ son would act accordingly: I would ask for a drink from her pitcher and she would give me one and offer to give my many camels water as well. No sooner that I finished this thought than here came this young woman down the hill.”

All eyes shifted momentarily to Rebekah. On any other occasion she might have felt awkward, but not at this moment. Hearing this stranger say her very actions before she did them in this way was unnerving to say the least, and yet she was not disturbed as much as enthralled. What manner of incident is this? She wondered. Is this from God?

The servant went on to relate the rest of what took place. He added finally, “Please tell me whether you will deal favourably with me or not so that I may know what to do.”

The room grew silent.

Bethuel rubbed his bearded chin, Laban stared at the table in thought, and her mother stood by the counter behind her as still as stone. What was to happen now? She mused.

After a while, her father cleared his throat. “It seems that we can speak neither good or bad on this subject seeing that it is evidently of the Lord.” Laban seemed to recover from his reverie. He looked at his father and nodded. “Here is my daughter. Take her, as the LORD has spoken, for your master’s son.”

Suddenly Rebekah’s breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t think. Everything had happened so fast. What was her father thinking? Questions not even fully formed bounced around in her mind.

Despite her apparent listless manner, the servant started praising God and clapping his hands together in relief. Rebekah hardly noticed the man’s exit and quick return. She also didn’t notice the great chests of treasures he began to lay before her father and mother and brother. Had she been aware she would have seen the slight sadness in her parents eyes and then the interest in her brother’s eyes at the treasure before him.

A few moments passed and finally she deemed it time enough that she might excuse herself. She moved slowly down the halls toward her room, not even hearing her servants’ questions as she walked passed. Approaching her window seat, she sat and stared at the moon outside.

One thought finally managed to make itself comprehensible.

…So this is my fate?…

(Read part one, two, and (ending) four).

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