A Beautiful Love Story – Part Two

Part Two (click here for part one).

The sun was starting to droop in the sky when Rebekah finished her sewing and began to attend to the last chores of the day. Her father had bought material for the dress she was making just for her on his last trip, which wasn’t something he did very often. The material was beautiful, and of a shade rarely used due to its expense but here it was, ready for her to wear to some special gathering. She couldn’t wait and felt very satisfied with the outcome.

The servants were busy cooking and doing other necessary chores, but she couldn’t find her mother anywhere. She asked the trusted head servant if she had seen her mother and found that she was out in the garden. Rebekah decided to go ahead and fetch the water for the night and then go to see if her mother needed assistance.

Once again she lifted the pitcher to her shoulder and left through the kitchen door, grabbing a shawl on the way. The day had been warm but with the lowering of the sun, it would soon grow chilly. Before long her father and brother would be finishing their work and returning home. Then they would sit down to a delicious meal and afterwards her father would read to them as he always did.

She reached the well, this time alone, and proceeded to fill the pitcher. After lowering the bucket back down into the well, Rebekah lifted the jug to her shoulder and started back up the hill. Suddenly, to her surprise, a man came running up to her looking dusty and weary. He stopped before her and bowed.

“Could I have a drink from your pitcher, please?” He said.

Rebekah quickly lowered the pitcher and said, “Of course.”

While the man drank his fill, she looked around and noticed the man’s camels up the hill a little way. There were a good many which caused her to think he was a man of great wealth, but judging by the attire, he was most likely a servant of the man of wealth. His clothes were as good as a servant of high position would wear, albeit a bit dirty from travel, but she noticed certain elements that made her realize the man was from Canaan. Surely he is not a Canaanite, she thought. At least he didn’t look like the Canaanites she had seen.

He sighed and smiled. “Thank you very much.”

Rebekah smiled back. “Here I’ll water your camels as well.”

She ran back to the well and began filling the water troughs that encircled the well with water. There were ten camels in all, and since camels can drink a great deal of water, she took a good while finishing the job.

He rummaged through one of the packs on the camels backs and came up with three pieces of beautiful jewelry. To her surprise. He gave them to her and said, “Tell me, who’s daughter are you? And do you have room in your house for a stranger, and food for his camels?”

Still curious, Rebekah said, “I am the daughter of Bethuel, son of Nahor. Yes, we have plenty of room, and feed for your camels.” Housing unknown guests was something many of the people did since the nearest inn was miles away. Besides, common courtesy demanded it, and if it didn’t, her brother Laban would. He was always eager to hear news of the outside world that might benefit them in some way.

The man gave a sudden laugh of relief and said, “Praise the God of my master Abraham who has led me to my master’s own people.”

Rebekah started and suddenly realized that he was speaking of their relative, Abraham in Canaan. She had often heard of him spoken of by her father as a man of great wealth and greatly blessed by the LORD. Never had she seen him but hearing the news that his very own servant was here seeking shelter made her see just how big this news was. Without another word, she dropped her pitcher and ran for home. Her father! She had to tell her father!

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