Month: June 2013

In My Backyard – #12 – Oh, You’re Bats!

One of the first things that attracted my parents to the house we now have lived in for the last 16 years was the in-ground swimming pool out back. Many summers were spent enjoying it with friends and family but, as any pool owner knows, […]

Culinary Chronicles – Taco Tostadas

I am always ready to try some new recipe and it only pleases me more when it calls for fresh vegetables and herbs. There is absolutely nothing that beats fresh. That’s why when we first visited the International Farmer’s Market in town, we were completely […]

Some More Spice! – Post Ideas

For almost a year now I have been posting a monthly series called In My Backyard, where I pick out a creature or organism that I have had an encounter with during the past month and write about them. Its great for me because I […]

Banner Updates

For a little while now I have been wanting to personalize my blog more, you know? Kind of spice it up a little. I want it to reflect me in all my “crafty”-peculiarities. The only problem is trying to figure out just what I wanted. […]

The Ever Loving Trenchcoat

When you talk about Mission: Impossible these days people think “Tom Cruise”. The action/spy franchise is on its 5th film and people are still raving about them. But what most people don’t know is that it didn’t start with Tom Cruise. On September 17, 1966, […]

Accessorize with Crochet!

I do a lot of talking about my dreams and things I plan to do on here, and sometimes it depresses me when I read back over it later and realize I haven’t done any of them. But I comfort myself with the idea that […]

What have I been doing?

Creativity abounds! Or at least the idea of it. Since today is one of those “not busy– lets do something crafty” days, I decided I’d give my next crochet idea a try. I bought some Aunt Lydia’s Fashion thread a little while back for just […]