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I do a lot of talking about my dreams and things I plan to do on here, and sometimes it depresses me when I read back over it later and realize I haven’t done any of them. But I comfort myself with the idea that at least I am organizing my plans when I write about them and giving myself a bit of an encouraging nudge toward doing them.

So I am going to talk about my plans for accessoriz-ing our room with crochet. Strangely, in the past I never considered filling our room with crocheted happiness but suddenly its come to me as a wonderful and creative idea. Plus, having a bit of an income now encourages my creative progress.

Our home is a small 70’s model that we have “cursed” for many different reasons. Though I’m no carpenter, I have come to see many very important things a house should have that ours does not. I am not complaining. I live in this house and am used to it. I am grateful that God has given us a roof over our heads. But one thing that my siblings and I have is some experience in knowing just what a well-built house should look like. Or at least, I think we do. Our bedroom (my two sisters and mine) is what some would call rather small for three girls but one must do what one must do. It has taught us a great deal, for sure. But both my sisters agree that its time we gave life to our little space. I will outline some of our ideas.

First of all, we want to rip out our carpet and lay tile. Big job. But I want tiles so that the crocheted rugs will belong. Like this one:

You can find more details by clicking here.

Second, or more like first since its the first thing I plan on tackling, is crocheted curtains. Our closet used to have folding doors but they got too annoying and we eventually took them off. I thought how fun it would be to crochet our own and we’ve decided on a few designs already. Now I just have to figure out the rest like yarn and size.

This is another plan:

Isn’t is wonderful?! Even though we already have neat bedspreads, I’d love to make us each one with differing colours. I’ve really become captivated by just how creative you can get with a granny square. I like greens and yellows, and earthy colours, while my sisters go for blues, pinks, and purples. By picking colours in the same tone we plan on satisfying each of our likes.

Next I’d like to add some life to our waist-high bookcase. We have a Lava lamp already, yellow-green and blue, along with other nick-nacks, of course, and I’d love to add one of these babies.

I’m thinking a sport yarn might make it more doily-like, or maybe even thread. I’ll have to experiment. It might be my next Crochet Spot pattern, who knows. One thing for sure, I love the colours. I don’t want our room to be loud, but since the walls are a bland sort of wood paneling (evidentally popular in the 70’s) I think bright accessories would balance it.

This is another idea I like.

We don’t have a lamp in our room, unfortunately, but if we did, it would not be left out. 🙂

The finishing touches. Our pencil holder is in definite need of a reformation like this. Isn’t it lovely? When shopping the other day, I saw a pencil holder, quite plain really, with a grate-like texture. Hmm, how do I describe this? Like an old waste basket, you know? I thought it would be awesome to weave different colors of yarn in and out and give it some spice. Too bad I can’t show you what I mean instead of just describing it. I guess I should have bought it. Maybe I will.

This sums up our ideas so far. I’m sure more will come but doing them is the big deal. I just have to keep in mind the size of our room. 🙂

Curtains, bedspreads and rugs are longer and more intense projects. I don’t expect to get them done anytime soon. But, cross your fingers, I don’t plan on forgetting them. (Forgive my occasional cynicism.)

So tell me, what are your ideas? Have you ever considered crochet-bombing your room before? Doesn’t the idea just excite you? (I get really happy with yarn, okay.)

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