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For a little while now I have been wanting to personalize my blog more, you know? Kind of spice it up a little. I want it to reflect me in all my “crafty”-peculiarities. The only problem is trying to figure out just what I wanted. It takes me forever to settle on something at times. I want it to be perfect, something that I will enjoy for a long while. I want to be completely satisfied. Its not impossible, its just not likely to happen fast. For further proof check out this list I compiled each time I had an idea for my blog:
  • What I want: Retro – Vintage – Antique colors but with enough color to be me –  Unique, but simple – 
  • Pictures: Vintage things, typewriter, newspaper but more glamour, follow loosely to site design and color (?) 

  • Or: Vintage clean – creams and peaches – White cracked walls, yellow boots, blue scarf, green shirt – The cute coffee shop down the street – typewriter (red) –

  • Earthy background – vintage photos of things – vintage overlay – think archaeology 

  • Tan lines on a cream background

As I said, I compiled this over a good amount of time. Notice how my ideas changed. But the very last one is closest to what I think I’ll be happiest with. One thing that remained true is the keyword “Vintage”. I’m a vintage sort of girl, but then again so is some of my family.

I still hadn’t found out the answers to all my HTML questions relating to my blog template (see post: What I am Doing and My Plans) but I did some looking through the themes already set up and found this one. The yellow, cream and green is really close to what I wanted anyway, especially the lines, and the lemons just looked too cute to pass up. So I settled with it and turned my attention to a banner.

I’ve never given much thought to having a banner because, in truth, I’ve never had a good idea for it. Another list I compiled was all the categories I wanted my banner to cover. You know what they say about first impressions, well I wanted my banner to be a sample of what people will find on my blog. I won’t bore you with the details. But my plans were to take my own pictures and load them into Gimp and see what I could do.

That is until I saw this:

Isn’t it cute?! I found it on Pinterest and pinned it on my “Mushrooms and Hedgehogs” board. I reasoned, “There’s just something earthy about mushrooms”, and I’ve collected hedgehog stuffies for as long as I can remember. I adore them! So… I began to get an idea… hedgehogs and mushrooms… earthy… hmm.

I pulled out my tablet, drawing pencils and colored pencils and set to work. Unfortunately, I procrastinated on doing it a little because I wasn’t sure I was ready to create just what I wanted but I have been pleased with some of the results. I won’t give out the secret, you’ll have to wait for the grand revealing. Right now I am still looking for the best font to write Over the Horizon in so it might be a little while. Like I said, I want it to be perfect. Bear with me.

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