What have I been doing?

Creativity abounds! Or at least the idea of it. Since today is one of those “not busy– lets do something crafty” days, I decided I’d give my next crochet idea a try. I bought some Aunt Lydia’s Fashion thread a little while back for just this project. Earrings! Three tiny circles with a glass bead attached to the bottom. I hoped it would work but there’s no way to know until you try.

Well, I tried. What do you think?

I am so happy with how they have turned out. Delicate and glamorous. Offhand, I found the beads at a little jewellry store on the square and just had to get a few. I usually buy all my jewellry equipment and things at Hobby Lobby but this worked out great. These were made with the colour Coral; I’m going to do another pair in Candy Pink for my mother.

If you’d like the pattern you’ll have to wait a few weeks. You’ll find it at Crochet Spot. I’ve actually done another earring pattern for Crochet Spot, my first on Crochet Spot actually.

The second pair is my first design that gave way to the double flower design.

I was trying to do something really outgoing for my first pattern. The only trouble was, I felt like I had to best myself with the next project. Thankfully, I realized I didn’t have to go so extreme and have since toned myself down.

Here are some of my more admirable projects you can find at Crochet Spot:

Daisy Coasters

Mimosa Scarf

Three Strand Hook Case

Watery Ripples Dishcloth
Starburst Motif

I know I’ve been talking about this for a while, but before long I will have my Etsy shop up and going and all my best projects up to buy. I plan on including some of these, especially the earrings.

But that is not the only creativity I’ve come in contact with today. I have actually been incredibly inspired by a site my sister found while on Pinterest. I have not explored the site yet and so will not mention the URL just yet, but its full of movie costumes made by the woman herself. So inspiring!

I really want to get into sewing more, especially vintage dresses (from the forties) and costume. I have a great love of costume and have recently discovered, or shall I say my sister has once again discovered, a site call Clothes on Film. Its fascinating! I like fantasy costume and period costume. Its fun to be able to get behind the scenes and hear the costume designers story. I must say, its my favorite think to find in the behind the scenes.

The one thing keeping me from going head first into sewing is our sewing machine. We had a really old one that did an awesome job but it bit the dust, so we had to buy a new one. I must tell you, I have lost a lot of hair over that one. A simple straight seam and it takes me forever because the thread gets caught or the presser foot comes loose or who knows what else. I don’t want to complain, but if it is stressing to work with on small projects, I’d hate to have to work with in on a big project.

So until we can get a better sewing machine I’m afraid my sewing days are nonexistent. Sad. I really need to research and find the best kind. Any suggestions?

One day you might come back to visit me on my site and find that I’ve made it to seamstress status. I hope. For now, I’m still crocheting!

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