Month: July 2013

Naval Ship Turned Exploration Vessel

Picture courtesy of NOAA During highschool I studied maritime archaeology and enjoyed it immensely. I created a form sheet that I could use to catalogue the shipwrecks I studied because I wanted to have the details “spelled” out for me. I like details, or records. […]

In My Backyard – #13 – With Eyes like a Hawk…

Well, I said I wasn’t going to write another one of these but I couldn’t bring myself to miss a month after having kept it up for a year now. So instead I am going to be more casual about it and leave off some […]

A Good Distraction

NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer For two weeks now NOAA‘s Okeanos Explorer has been conducting an expedition in the Northeastern U.S. Canyons for purposes of observing benthic communities, gas hydrates at cold seeps in the seafloor, and the canyons geomorphology (the Earth’s topographic features), among other things. […]

Wallflower (1948) – Movie Review

Wallflower is a light and charming comedy made in the late 40’s starring Robert Hutton and Joyce Reynolds. The plot is simple and sweet, and the characters are more than well acted. Though its never been a big hit, it is one that is always […]

With Three Projects on My Hook…

For the longest, I hated having more than one project going at once. It reminded me of my days when I couldn’t get myself to finish a project, a terrible trait I thank God I left behind. As I ventured out more in my crafting, […]

Government Girl (1943) – Movie Review

Hello, everybody! And welcome to my newest series. As I outlined in a previous post, I will be posting a movie review once a week (more or less) on some of my absolute favourite movies. I chose this one to be my first because it […]