Changing My Mind – Again!

I know a few months ago I spoke of starting an Etsy shop and for the longest I wanted to but couldn’t. Now I can, or just about, but I’m not sure I still want to. The thing is, at first it was the only idea I had for making a little extra money and it just followed that if I make things I should sell them. And so I was all gung-ho until God began providing other things.

For instance, He provided my job with Crochet Spot in March. Like I’ve said before, it was a big step for me, even if it wasn’t such a big step in comparison to other things. I wasn’t sure I had what it takes to create a crochet pattern once a week. Well, so far I have created 26 and have learned a lot in that time.

Summer Lace Fingerless Gloves – Crochet Spot Pattern 

Now Rachel, the founder and owner of Crochet Spot, is giving me the chance to take a step further and make store patterns. This will mean bigger (more involved) projects. I’m really excited about this step because I have a tendency to create bigger projects as it is. But at the same time I am a bit nervous. Every other week I will have to have such a pattern ready. I thank God for this chance and pray that He will give me ideas and patience to do my best.

Besides crocheting, I have an incredible passion for writing. I know I’ve said this before, but I just wanted to reiterate for the sake of the conversation. My dream is to become a published author writing fiction as well as non-fiction. I’ve considered freelance writing, and took a step toward it, but I have stepped back because I am still not sure I want to put my full effort into pursuing that direction. Of course, if anyone desires to offer me a writing job anyway, I would be thrilled.

In the meantime, I am blogging on things of interest, such as marine biology and technology, for the sake of fun and in the hopes of building my writing platform. Since being introduced to the field of ocean exploration more intensely, thanks to the availability of NOAA’s last expedition on the Okeanos Explorer, I have began to wonder if that is an area I could move toward in my writing. Maybe, if I show that I am good enough, I will be noticed by topic-related magazines or sites. But which should I pursue? Without feeling absolutely positive I hesitate to take action. What if I run full force into writing a certain topic and find that I jumped the gun and I’ve lost interest? In other words, what if I jump ahead of God and find that He had something better in mind for me than what I chose?

Whale Shark sighted during Okeanos 2013 Northeast Canyons Expedition – Courtesy of Ocean Explorer website.

I am ambitious and I will not sit around waiting for God to just drop things in my lap. God gives us talents and skills to use and a responsibility to work hard. But deciding your future is not to be taken lightly. I want God’s best for me. He provided the Crochet Spot job without my seeking it out. I simply prayed for God to provide and He did. So I am asking Him to provide a writing avenue for me in the direction He knows will be best for me. He knows me better than I do.

So, in conclusion, since my main passion is for writing, I feel that starting an Etsy shop would only take time away from it and wear me out. My first inclination would be to take it on anyway and make myself do it because it would be a good experience. But I have learned that I can do too much. Until God shows me otherwise, this is the direction I will pursue. And I know God will provide when He feels I am ready. Why else would He have given me the love of writing if not to use it?

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