Time? Is that you?

After agreeing to make store patterns for Crochet Spot, I ran into trouble at the first. You see, this was my first idea.

Only after designing everything and sending it off did I get the memo that it is trademarked. Nice. What to do, what to do. I tried a few other ideas but had some problems with them as well. I finally managed to come out with this:

I definitely couldn’t have done it without my mother and siblings help. They gave me ideas and desperately needed opinions. Unfortunately for the first pillow, I know hate it. Not really, but I am not looking at it for a couple of weeks. Maybe when I look at it again I’ll have forgotten the trouble it caused me. My older brother told me I should see if I could sell the pattern to the company that has it trademarked. Hmm…

Because of that I didn’t get around to last weeks movie review. Now on to this week.

A simple photo tutorial of these Beaded Bangles took longer than I thought. I was prepared and took the photos at the beginning of the week but then I spent one day with a headache and another shopping. Yesterday I was pulling my hair out trying to get it all done. And it might have been enough time if I hadn’t been trying to celebrate Mum’s birthday. I felt so guilty for spending so much time working on my tutorial when I hadn’t even put up her decorations. And the thing was, I had already told myself that I was going to put her birthday first, and I didn’t feel like I was.

Just as a note, she completely understood my need to finish the tutorial and didn’t expect me to stop it to put up decorations. But I wanted to. Birthdays are so important. It’s one day out of 365 that is all your own and should be made as special as possible. I happen to love my birthday. And if you asked my younger sister (not my youngest), she would completely agree. By the way, both our birthday’s are around Valentines which makes that holiday extra special.

So that is the frustrations of the week, or shall I say past two weeks. Learning new things takes time, unfortunately. But I am grateful for the opportunity. I just have to plan ahead and start earlier with my projects so that I am not running out of time. (I hate running out of time, I get frantic!)

Those of you waiting for the next movie review, hold on. I’m working on it. I hope to have it posted in the next few days.

By the way, while I am on the topic of movie reviews, October is going to be a special month. The movie topic will be Film Noir! and I can’t wait to get started. I hope to see you there!

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