Classy Velvet – Men’s Fashion: Then and Now

Like most women, I have a natural inborn interest in fashion. But not only am I interested in women’s fashion; I have a definite opinion on what a well dressed man looks like. On my Pinterest page you will find a board called The Dapper Man, if you are interested in seeing more of my opinion. And don’t miss a previous post on men’s fashion called The Ever Loving Trenchcoat.
Today we are going to take a look at velvet, then and now.

In the 1957 version of My Man Godfrey, David Niven is seen with a forest green velvet hat. Since he never wears it, and only gives us a slight glimpse, I can’t tell what type of hat it actually is, though I am suspecting a homburg. The color is rich and warm, paring nicely with his light gray overcoat and brown and taupe scarf.
Similarly, some 5o years later, actor Jeremy Renner has been seen choosing a velvet blazer, at least twice, to complete a dressy look. Above, you will see him sporting a royal blue velvet blazer, while in another instance he wears a dark gray. Both colors are rich, well chosen for formal attire. Which brings me to the conclusion that if one must wear velvet, let it be in dark colors. Clearly, a lime green velvet would be the makings of a cheap Halloween costume worth a lousy 5 bucks. Also, too much velvet is a bad idea. A full suit of velvet might be a hard one to pull off. I don’t recall ever seeing it done and liking it. But I’m sure there are those who could convince me otherwise.
Velvet is a material only occasionally seen in fashion, especially men’s, but every once and a while it pops up when a daring trendsetter wants to make a statement. In all honesty, velvet has never been a material I’m partial to. It can appear cheap or, paired with the wrong look, merely a sad imitation at classy. But worn with tact and a keen sense of style, it can make the outfit.
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