Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Frontier Shawl and Motif Blankets

Some months ago I wrote a blog post called Crochet Inspiration in the Movies where I mentioned a blanket I wanted to make shown on The Glass Bottom Boat and fingerless gloves from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

A lot has changed since then. But my tendency to look for crochet inspiration in the movies has not. I've rounded up a few more.

In The Far Country, James Stewart plays a man who gets himself tangled in a crooked town and must fight his way out.

At one point there is a pioneer woman, a mother holding a child, wearing a two-tone shawl. The stitch is very open and it is very ruffled at the bottom. It's obvious that it is folded, so maybe it is a very long shawl that has been folded for better warmth, or it is actually a blanket that she uses for a shawl. This is something I have actually done. I had an afghan that I folded and wore as a shawl until it started wearing out. Now I need to make myself another one... A good excuse to try and reinvent this one. When I do, I will have a problem making my mind up on the color of yarn. This taupe and chocolate isn't my favorite color combination, even though it's nice. But since the original was made in those colors I would like to make mine with those colors as well, simply to reproduce the original design.

(Here is the link to my follow up post: Crochet Inspiration Follow Up - Pioneer Shawl)

The next movie with an object that caught my eye was Tammy Tell Me True with Sandra Dee. The blanket on the bed, the one that she has her elbows on, looks to be the typical granny motif, a simple and well known design that still has a great deal of charm. The colors are excellent choices, though. One motif is dark red in the center, a brighter red on the next row, and then a granny smith green on the outside. Then there are light pinks and light yellows, and maybe even a darker green, all surounded by black.
The black really makes the brighter colors pop, even though black is not a color I often use. It's a wonderful choice. I would definitely like to remake this blanket.

Similarly, there is a shawl worn by Mary Stuart Cherne's mother in Many Rivers to Cross.

Unlike the first shawl I mentioned, this one looks very thick and warm, obviously a necessity during the cold winter nights in America before central heating was invented. But like the blanket I just spoke of, this shawl is full of bright colors surrounded by black. Either this was a popular color choice over the years or Hollywood had the blanket on hand from the first movie and decided no one would notice if they used it in another one. I've seen it done before. I guess they didn't expect anyone to keep that close an eye on things.

You will notice the motifs are arranged in diagonal rows. One line of light blue, then light pink, light red, minty green, light purple, and the last color might be blue again. From the front you will notice a row of light yellow and bright red. My previous thoughts on it being the same blanket are obviously wrong since the colors in the motifs are different.

Of course, they might not be in diagonal rows. I can't figure out if it was made square or like a typical shawl. If it were square then it would be bunched up around her neck, and even though the picture quality is lacking, it doesn't look like it is. I'm not sure, but the jury is still out on that subject.

And that is all I have for now. I'll be keeping my eyes open, as usual, for other crochet inspiration occurrences. Now that I am makine two store patterns a month, as well as two free patterns, I don't have as much time to crochet other projects. In fact, I've had a Crochet Today Lollipop Tank I'm making for my Mum that I've been working on for quite a while now. I think I'll just have to make time for it.

Thanks for reading. And if you see any crochet inspiration in the movies be sure to drop me line. I'd love it!


  1. Patricia Blair ( aka ) Rebecca Boone in the wonderful Daniel Boone ( Fess Parker ) series. Check out the Christmas Story episode. She wears a lovely dark green shawl with a hood which is just lovely.

    1. Hello Faith, it has been a while since I have seen any of this series, which is really sad, but I'll try and look that episode up. It sounds lovely, thanks for sharing!