Month: November 2013

A Princess For Christmas (2011) – Movie Review

Okay, so I know Thanksgiving isn’t over yet, and I’m not trying to rush it by. But as I said in my last post, I am not going to wait. If I want to talk about Christmas, or watch a Christmas movie, or do a […]

Culinary Chronicles: The Holidays Are Here Again!

The days are growing shorter, and colder, and Thanksgiving is just next week! Every year we complain that the holidays come too quickly, but this year, though I still agree, I’m setting my mind to enjoy it anyway. I told my family that I’m going […]

Holothurian Distinction

After first being introduced to the “live” world of ocean exploration this last June, I have wrote a few articles on the finds of both NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer, and the Nautilus, which is funded by many different exploration groups as well as by NOAA. Courtesy […]

The Best Intentions…

So much for the best intentions! Long ago I had intended to have written a post on Holothurians (sea cucumbers) in the Caribbean, as well as more on ROV’s. Unfortunately, since I spend so much of my time trying to figure out which is more […]