The Best Intentions…

So much for the best intentions! Long ago I had intended to have written a post on Holothurians (sea cucumbers) in the Caribbean, as well as more on ROV’s. Unfortunately, since I spend so much of my time trying to figure out which is more important to me, crocheting and marine science, I find myself falling behind in my plans. My crochet schedule is subject to a deadline not my own, while there is no such demand for my science articles. I can’t say I like it this way, but beggar’s can’t be choosers.

Courtesy of NOAA Ocean Explorer

I have had a chance this week to do some research. Trying to find a specific species of holothurian isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’ve searched encyclopedias and science sites and have found every species but the one I am looking for. Distressing to say the least. But I am not giving up. Except for the tension of keeping up with my posts, I enjoy a good search. Finding details is an appealing pastime. The loss of time is what stresses me. Anyhow, I might have a lead so all is not lost.

Besides researching sea cucumbers, I have been… well, crocheting, obviously. My fall list of projects so far amount to my Indian Bracelet, Trellis Wrap, and Autumn Leaf Earrings, all of which you can find on Crochet Spot and my Pinterest board. Coming up is my Pumpkin Appliqué, Scarecrow Hat (name debatable), and Acorn Appliqué. Around Christmas I hope to have an exciting new capelet and/or wrap, but I’m not giving away any details. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

If you’ve kept up with my movie reviews you’ll notice I’m not really settled on the style I want to write in. I love old movies, as I’m sure you have guessed, and I enjoy reviewing them. However, the time I spend writing some of these reviews hardly makes it worth it. I have to admit, I feel a lot better spending that much time on a scientific post than a movie review. I suppose I expect everything I do needs to be “worth” something, and if I don’t feel like it is, I get frustrated. Either way, I’m working on finding the perfect review template for me, so if you can bear with me, I’d be so grateful.

That’s it for now but return soon for my (hopefully) next post on Holothurians in the Caribbean!

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