What Do You Do When…

What do you do when your schedule is too full for you to do what you love best?

That is the question. I’m a devoted writer who loves writing fiction AND non-fiction, and if I had the chance, I’d write 24/7. But I don’t seem too devoted when I let my other responsibilities override my love for writing. I used to pride myself in doing what was necessary and leaving what I wanted for last. Any more I realize it’s not a form of unselfishness but a misplacement of priorities.

I have neglected my blog of late in order to accomplish other things that appear more necessary. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that I’m actually able to accomplish those other things. The race for time is merciless. 
Now if I had all the time I wanted to spend on here I’d write daily on oodles of subjects. I have many interests, if you haven’t noticed by now. The topic I love most is marine biology and technology. Taking the time to research (something I love in itself) and then writing about it takes a great deal of my time but I find it the most enjoyable.

And following those subjects is maritime archaeology and history. Having grown up watching old swashbucklers I developed a love of the real thing. I used to read the classics like Treasure Island and Captain’s Courageous all the while making notes on the nautical terms and vernacular so that I could learn as much as possible. I’d get books from the library of old sea tales and even some pirate tales. Then I discovered the shipwreck section! Archaeology has always fascinated me; finding old treasures, keys to the past, it’s thoroughly invigorating. And the stories I read about shipwreck discoveries only heightened my interest. I suppose it’s all part of my love of history.
But when I don’t want to write science or history I turn to the easier topics, like movie reviews and fashion highlights. I have definite opinions and have fun critiquing fashion but on most occasions I talk about past fashion. Modern styles can be classy and chic but the best are inspired by the past. So when I write my movie reviews I often end up taking specific shots of costume to use in a later post. For an example, see my posts on my page A Look at Fashion.

Another genre of writing I enjoy are writing book reviews, of which I’ve done a few. It’s not a subject I write on often. I have just as much of an opinion as anything else and love putting a good story into my own summary, it’s just that I don’t get around to reading as much as I would like and so a book might take me quite a few months to finish.
But the topic I come back to continually is my crocheting. Since I design crochet patterns weekly for Crochet Spot, I can’t help but have it on my mind. It often becomes my go-to topic when I don’t have the time to talk about anything else. This can sometimes be a problem since I don’t want anyone to get the idea my blog is mainly a crocheting blog. I’m a committed crocheter but my true love is writing, science writing to be exact. This brings me to my frustration.

I wonder at times if I should crochet less and devote more of my time to my writing. But my crocheting is the only form of paying work I have at the moment, and there are advantages to having your own money. I’ve been given the chance to expand my crocheting abilities, which has been incredibly challenging and motivating. I’ve learned so much since I started. And beside all of this, God provided me with this job and I wouldn’t want to make any kind of change without feeling peace about it. I’ve wondered and waited before and God has provided, so it stands to reason that I should wait once again for Him to provide His best.

I’m actually considering cutting back on how much I crochet. Or maybe my problem is in the patterns I design. I know I’ve mentioned before that I have a terrible tendency to think big about my crocheting. To me a blog pattern can be small and quick to make but a store pattern needs to be big and extensive. Because of this I often max myself out, emotionally, physically, and in manner of time. Another incentive to take it easier in my crocheting is my body. For one thing, my wrist has been hurting of late, sometimes to the point of restraining me from crocheting. At first I didn’t know what caused it but after crocheting a good deal one day, with thread, and then having wrist pain the next day, I eventually put two and two together. There are four options I can think of for handling this: 1. Deal with the pain, 2. Stop crocheting, 3. Crochet less, or 4. Find some way to ease the pain. The first two are definitely not an option for me so I must consider the last two. I intend to do some research on the fourth. Then of course, there is my eyes. I strain them with all the time I spend staring at the the stitches, but the worst of it is when I use the computer. And etc.

It is obvious that I have a lot to work out. Mum is advising I take it easier and crochet less. She’s right when she says I shouldn’t grow to dislike something that I used to love. I’m just not sure where the happy medium is. …That is the problem. Now comes the patience. Something I’m not good at.

Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

(Pictures taken by me after our weekend ice storm.)

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