Year: 2014

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Christmas Songbook Series

I’ll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree…     Doris tied the ribbon on the package she was wrapping and pushed it aside with a sigh. The rest of the presents can […]

A Thanksgiving Misconception

  I was surprised the other day to learn that (some) public schoolers were taught the reason for the first Thanksgiving celebration was to thank the Indian’s for their assistance in helping them to grow food. In actuality, this is only a minor reason, though […]

In My Backyard – Issue #16 – Mockingbird Attitude

Have you ever wondered why mockingbirds do what they do? Mockingbirds can be described as obnoxious, noisy, and aggressive, among other things, and oftentimes these descriptions are deserved. They are known to chase other birds and any other animal, or human, that may get in […]

The Corliss Skirt

It’s no secret that I like vintage fashion. The elegant cut of the waistline, full skirts, and crisp blouses. There was pride in the way a person dressed, back in the days when people had self-respect. Dressing up was something you did when you went […]

A Small Infinity Scarf Journey

When my friend asked me to make 4 monogrammed infinity scarves for her to give to her bridesmaids, I was naturally thrilled. I had about a year before the wedding so I worked on it gradually. I created this design, the Cliffside Infinity Scarf, that […]

Hydrothermal Vent Series – What about the Heat?

If these are some of the organisms found in the cold, deep ocean, how are they able to withstand the dramatic difference of a hydrothermal vent? Active “smoker” chimneys precipitating iron, copper and zinc sulfides from 230ºC fluid. They are 9 m tall from the […]

Hydrothermal Vent Series – Life on the Vents

At first we were told that life depends upon energy from the sun. And then they discovered hydrothermal vents! White Shrimp near a hydrothermal Vent, Nautilus in the Gulf of Mexico, 2013 Unlike the extremely cold temperatures of the deep ocean, hydrothermal vents produce waters […]

Hydrothermal Vent Series – Underwater Chimneys

Like a lit fuse running along the surface of the seafloor, hydrothermal vents are frequently found in areas of volcanic activity, such as mid-ocean ridges! ROPOS is in position for hot fluid sampling at this black smoker vent. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire […]

In My Backyard – Issue #15 – Puppies!

Normally, the creatures I talk about on these posts are pretty unusual. But when you have a garage full of adorable little puppies, how could you choose anything else?! Lucy with her babies Once again I’ve let my work get the best of me and […]

My Christmas Dreams… in July

Ice covered tree stump. It’s strange but lately I’ve been thinking about Christmas. Not necessarily planning for it, though I did tell myself just this morning that I needed to start getting ideas for presents. I even sang Judy Garland’s version of Have Yourself A […]