Month: January 2014

Ivory, Magic Mint and Champagne – A Breath of Vintage

Vintage inspires me in more ways than I can say. It comes out in nearly all my creations and is the subject of today’s post. Nothing says vintage more than cracked paint, soft colors, and delicate china. It’s quiet and gentle and makes you feel […]

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies – The World War Two Beret

It’s been a little while but here I am again with more crochet inspiration. To those of you who are new here, I am always on the lookout for more crochet inspiration. Partly because noticing fashions is just what I do, but mostly because I’m […]

What Comes Ashore, Stays Ashore

Where I live you can practically call me landlocked. What water there is is hardly worth mentioning in that it is dirty and carries harsh and dangerous currents. This is obviously quite an extreme compared to my writing subjects and interests, but unfortunately, I can […]

Christmas and Hedgehogs

As opposed to some people’s, our family get-togethers are not only large and boisterous but they are traditional. For Christmas, each family brings a dish they normally bring with Grandma being the main coordinator or common denominator, and then we all bring sweets. There’s usually […]