Ivory, Magic Mint and Champagne - A Breath of Vintage

Vintage inspires me in more ways than I can say. It comes out in nearly all my creations and is the subject of today's post.

Nothing says vintage more than cracked paint, soft colors, and delicate china. It's quiet and gentle and makes you feel peaceful. At least that's what I think when I see it.

While watching a few episodes of Once Upon A Time, I had to take a few shots of this scene.

Mary Margaret Blanchard, known in the other world as Snow White, lives in this apartment that completely reflects her soft and gentle, vintage yet modern style.

Her abandoned-warehouse/country-style apartment features cracked paint, brick walls, warm lighting and frosted windows. And yet, on the modern side, the stairs leading up to the second level are somewhat industrial: black and cold.

After seeing this scene I began to think how those colors melded. I even found myself pinning pictures that had the same feel and inspiration.

I'm that homey type of girl that likes a country style house, or vintage treasure. Modern has it's appeal but I always return to retro. I could cite a ton of reasons why this is so, but it boils down to being me.

From Pinterest.

Yes, I love pearls too. And creamy roses.

Peach Aqua and Blue Earrings on Etsy.

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But I can't speak about a movie or show without giving my opinion. The whole plot of Once Upon a Time is ingenious and keeps you wondering. The idea to put fairytale characters in this world without them knowing who they really are leaves us curious to know what happens.

And yet, as with nearly every contemporary TV show, wrong ideas and worldviews are flaunted. I eventually tired of the soap-opera style they carried on, and at the thought of two more seasons of this, decided I could do without watching it. I know there are many of you who will obviously disagree with me but that's a given. Sure, the fairytale characters are tainted with this worlds cruelty and seemingly lack of happy-endings, but do you have to run them through the mud? They lose the purity and virtue we love them for. Why else would fairytales remain popular today? People want to dream. They want to believe that there is still some good to believe in. Of course, this brings us to the even bigger picture of life with God. Simply put, for a true happy-ending, trust Him to run your life.

But that concludes this breath of vintage! Thanks for reading, and don't neglect to tell me what you think!

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