Month: February 2014

Ocean vs. Sea

Courtesy of Wikipedia If you’ve read many articles on the waters of our world, specifically the larger bodies of water, you most likely have ran across both words “ocean” and “sea” in your travels, and often referring to the same thing. Upon casual examination of […]

Good Reading

During our school years, my siblings and I were required to read a little of a book of our choice each day. To some this was agonizing, but I loved it, though I’ve never been a fast reader. When we visited the library, which we […]

Thinking Reasonably

Well, hello again. Obviously, I’ve been a little quiet around here for the last week or so, and unfortunately I don’t have anything much to show for it. I was working on my next post on marine biology when I got an idea for another […]

The Glass Slipper (1955) – Movie Review

If I haven’t told you already, my favorite fairy-tale is Cinderella. I can’t really say why, but I’ve loved her story all my life. As a little girl, I would watch the Disney cartoon with my siblings over and over. If you asked them now […]