Month: March 2014

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies – Mrs. Muir’s Afghans

You know when I posted the second Crochet Inspiration I mentioned the granny square afghans I had noticed in both movies Tammy Tell Me True and Many Rivers to Cross. After looking back at that post I noticed that I apparently contradicted myself, at first […]

The Truth About Spring (1965) – Movie Review

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This week I’m doing a review of one of my ultimate favorite movies. Read on! The Truth About Spring is a movie my family and I have watched all my life. We call it one of the “good ones”. The […]

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies – That’s My Duffel Bag!

Crochet Today’s Duffel Bag There are certain elements of style that never leave the fashion world. Duffel bags, for instance. The design may vary but because of their practical usage they still remain. Bags, among other things, are accessories that I have a lot of […]

Don’t Stop Learning

Knowing how much I love to crochet, my family gave me a year subscription to Crochet Today Magazine two years ago for Christmas. Before I even noticed it had expired, Mum re-subscribed for me this last Christmas. I really appreciate it because this magazine is […]