Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Mrs. Muir's Afghans

You know when I posted the second Crochet Inspiration I mentioned the granny square afghans I had noticed in both movies Tammy Tell Me True and Many Rivers to Cross. After looking back at that post I noticed that I apparently contradicted myself, at first saying the two blankets were different and then suggesting they could have been a Hollywood prop used on both movies. I'm afraid that was clear evidence of thinking it out in writing. It's rather embarrassing, and my first tendency is to rewrite my post so no one will notice my "naive" mistake. But I've decided not to. I shouldn't constantly rewrite my posts when I learn something new; it's like trying to change history. So, going against my nature, I'm leaving the post as is.

But I didn't plan to write today just to tell you of my mistake.

I've already mentioned how I like to take screen-shots of crochet or a notable piece of fashion while watching movies (see my pages A Look At Fashion and Me and Crochet for examples). I found my recent inspiration from the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

But before I tell you what the sources of my inspiration is let me touch briefly on my thoughts on the movie.

My Synopsis

The story is about an ambitious young widow desirous to move away from her deceased husband's nagging mother and controlling sister. She chooses a house said to be haunted by the previous owner, a suicidal sea captain. When the ghost plagues her she bravely stands up to him and she wins his friendship because of it. He assists her in keeping the house after she's ran out of money among other things and it becomes apparent that the two have fallen in love. Only there is nothing to be done and Mrs. Muir eventually falls in love with someone else. The salty captain leaves her and she begins to regard that time as a dream.

This is how it ends...

The years go by and her daughter marries and has her own family. Having never remarried, she becomes old and gray and dies in the same room as the captain. He comes at last to take her away so they can finally be together.

I read the reviews of the movie on Netflix and thought it sounded charming, though it was hard for me to see how it could end well considering. Besides, Hollywood directors have a way of building a good plot only to wreck it at the end. Which is what happened, essentially. It definitely could have been worse, but I felt it could have been better. In my own little story-telling mind, I think I would have enabled the sea captain to live again so that they could be together. There are issues with that but in a fantasy such as this, they could be dealt with. Either way, I enjoyed the movie for the most part. I will readily admit, I'm a sucker for a nautical flavor.

Now I'll let you in on that which is inspiring. Sorry for the delay but I can't let a chance to review a movie slip by.

In one scene, Mrs. Muir goes to take a nap. Her maid lifts an afghan from under the adorable Yorkie and stretches it out. It so turns out that this afghan is the same style as the one in Tammy Tell Me True! I can't be sure because there is a certain lack of color in this one --ahem, black and white-- but the design seems to be the same. Another lovely example of granny squares.

A second time Mrs. Muir goes to take a nap and she covers up with an afghan similar to the first only in a different way. Instead of motifs, the afghan is worked in continuous rounds of granny stitches so that the whole piece is a large motif. Usually tassels accent the ends and I do believe I saw some though I couldn't capture them in any of these images.

I had an afghan similar to this from years ago made by an aunt. I wore it folded over as a shawl but eventually it wore out. The colors were not my choice but I loved the design. I felt like something from the old days wearing it.

Seeing Mrs. Muir's second afghan has inspired me to recreate the design, if one can truly recreate something so culturally consistent. There is just something so attractive about remaking simple designs. It's like you're reliving history. It excites me!

Only I'm hung up on the color palette. With summer coming on my tastes in color have turned to naturals such as beige, peach, and cream. But I'll most likely use this more in the fall, winter, and early spring, and I might like a color palette more suited to those temperatures at that time. I must say, I am a bit undecided.

Whatever I eventually choose, keep on the lookout. I hope to present the finished product to you in a month or so.

In the meantime, you know the Frontier shawl I mentioned at the beginning of Crochet Inspiration in the Movies - Frontier Shawl and Motif Blankets? I am in the process of recreating the Frontier shawl. But more on that in an upcoming post. See you again soon!

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