Don't Stop Learning

Knowing how much I love to crochet, my family gave me a year subscription to Crochet Today Magazine two years ago for Christmas. Before I even noticed it had expired, Mum re-subscribed for me this last Christmas. I really appreciate it because this magazine is one I enjoy very much. Being a crochet designer myself, I sometimes need inspiration and a fresher look at things. Crochet Today magazine is a bright and fun magazine that I consider one of the best. I feel like many crochet companies have a tendency to be a bit dull, and even though they are just as informative, there's something about the atmosphere that just doesn't give you the cheer you would like.

Each time I receive an issue it's like Christmas all over again! Every time I finish I have a whole new list of things I want to crochet and I only have so much time! I spend the majority of my crochet time working on patterns for Crochet Spot and what crochet time I have left I squeeze in an extra project. To give you an example of how much time that is let me tell you that I started working on Crochet Today's Lollipop Tank from the May/June issue not long after I received the magazine and I'm still not finished. It's terrible but it can only have the leftover time.

This is a problem in a way because it is important to learn. Yes, I'm a professional crochet designer but this only means that I create crochet designs for a profession; it doesn't make me an expert. I need to continue learning and growing my skill just as much as anyone else.

And that statement really brings me to the point of my post today.

No one is ever finished learning. So you've graduated highschool, received your college diploma, et cetera, et cetera. A person should never get the idea that they are through learning.

As a crocheter there is so much more that I could learn while I continue designing. In this area my point may not be so difficult to understand. But take writing, for instance. My sole focus when it comes to writing is to "land" a writing job. You can give me many ways to go about getting it but in the meantime, am I still learning? Am I reading sound and challenging material that stretches the capacity of my brain? That should be my sole focus.

You should never be content at where you are intellectually, especially when in this day and age you can always learn more. I don't mean spend every waking hour studying and cramming like you would for a test. All it takes is for you to have the mindset of wanting to learn, knowing that it is important, and you will, and find that you enjoy doing it.

I stress reading because it is God's gift that through this human understanding would grow. I find it a shame to hear someone say that reading has never been their strong point. I don't condemn them for it, but I can't help wondering, had they had been taught differently would they then have a better view of reading. How you are taught something can really define how you regard it.

However, simply reading any old thing isn't what I mean. A steady diet of light novels may be better than not reading at all but they hardly stretch the mind. It's like a full grown person living on milk. They need meat, or for the vegetarians and vegans among us, hardier sustenance. What this may mean for you personally, I do not know. That is for you to find out. As for myself, I like a mix of fiction and non-fiction on a steady basis. They are both good for the soul. Granted both are of wholesome material. But what I consider wholesome material is enough for another post.

I will leave you with this: Don't ever be okay with what you know now. Ask questions and keep on learning. God has given us inquisitive minds for a reason. Let's use them as He expects and watch how meaningful your life can be.

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