Month: April 2014

Crochet Inspiration Follow Up – Pioneer Shawl

I’m so happy to be able to show you this! So many times I write Crochet Inspiration posts and talk a lot about what I’d like make, but I don’t always get a chance to recreate them for various reasons, usually because I’m busy crocheting […]

A Moment of Holothurian Behavior

Just recently I had the incredible pleasure of witnessing a bit of holothurian behavior. It was something I never would have thought I’d see. I’ll tell you more down below! Enypniastes, a free swimming holothurian in the Gulf of Mexico. In highschool I studied marine […]

The Okeanos in the Gulf

For some unexplainable reason, I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. I say unexplainable because, unlike some people, I’m not even remotely close to the ocean and have only seen it once, or rather a small part of it. Maybe it’s the remarkable colors of […]

The Woolen Skirt… with Buttons!

When I was young I had three plaid woolen skirts that I adored. They sat higher on my waist, which made it difficult to squeeze into when I grew, and longer on the legs than any modern skirts, but I loved them nonetheless. I’ve never […]