Crochet Inspiration Follow Up – Pioneer Shawl

I’m so happy to be able to show you this! So many times I write Crochet Inspiration posts and talk a lot about what I’d like make, but I don’t always get a chance to recreate them for various reasons, usually because I’m busy crocheting other things. But I was able to make this one!

Last October I wrote about the Frontier Shawl from the movie Bend of the River (read about it here). I recreated it and made a few changes. What do you think?

The colors I chose are obviously brighter but that is because I couldn’t get the one’s I really wanted. I think they really worked out though. As I said before, I think the shawl was really an afghan folded in half, so my pattern can also double as an afghan, great for draping over the back of the couch.

If you’re interested in making this, you can buy the pattern from Crochet Spot; it’s a good price and a good investment. If you do make this shawl, be sure to tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

I’m also proud to say that I am in the process of recreating another “movie-inspired” design. Stick around!

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