The Woolen Skirt… with Buttons!

When I was young I had three plaid woolen skirts that I adored. They sat higher on my waist, which made it difficult to squeeze into when I grew, and longer on the legs than any modern skirts, but I loved them nonetheless. I’ve never been one to turn down a vintage look. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to find some skirts in that same style.

While watching an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, I noticed Millie’s woolen skirt with a line of 3 or 4 inch buttons down both sides. I’ve already told you how much I love woolen skirts, but added to that is a fascination with buttons, especially big, round buttons. I had to take the time to share this.

I did a search on Pinterest for wool skirts with buttons and found some real retro examples. Check out my boards Vintage Looks and So Cute Style to see what I pinned.

Keeping with the style of the 60’s, Millie wears with it a simple dark turtleneck skirt and probably about a 4 inch wide belt. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a style worth wearing today!

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