Month: May 2014

An Inspiring Pearl Necklace from a Queen

Though not usually one for diamonds and other precious jewels, I will readily admit my love of pearls. They are smooth with a creamy glow and tend to lend a certain delicacy to whatever they adorn. A simple pearl necklace can take a look and […]

Crochet Today and Mollie Makes

Mrs. Muir Afghan, one of my designs. It’s not news that I really looked forward to each issue of Crochet Today magazine. As a crochet designer, I found it inspiring and very helpful. It encouraged me to be fun with what I made and enjoy […]

Cinnamon Style

If I haven’t mentioned it already, my all-time favorite TV show is Mission: Impossible. Peter Graves is Jim Phelps, Barbara Bain is Cinnamon Carter, Martin Landau is Rollin Hand, Greg Morris is Barney Collier, and Peter Lupus is Willy Armitage. Any show or movie that […]

Pancake Urchin Eating Octocoral Colony

A few dives before the end of the Okeanos’ 2014 expedition in the Gulf, we were blessed to witness yet another incredible moment of Echinoderm behavior. This time the species was a pancake urchin and it was eating a helpless octocoral colony! On April 29, […]

Video Footage of a Holothurian Feeding

If you read my post A Moment of Holothurian Behavior, you know how ecstatic I was to witness a holothurian feeding on the sediment. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, and I want to compound that by showing you the […]