An Inspiring Pearl Necklace from a Queen

Though not usually one for diamonds and other precious jewels, I will readily admit my love of pearls. They are smooth with a creamy glow and tend to lend a certain delicacy to whatever they adorn. A simple pearl necklace can take a look and turn it into splendid.

So it's no wonder I was immediately inspired by this large teardrop pearl necklace in the 1940's movie, The Sea Hawk.

Larger than most pearls, this one is fixed on a long enough chain to enable Queen Elizabeth to drape it over her head with ease.

And true to the opulent style in which royalty is known to live, Queen Elizabeth (played by Flora Robson) places this new necklace given to her by the saucy rogue, Geoffrey Thorpe (played by Errol Flynn), around her neck to join the other many adornments. One can't help but wonder how much lighter she must be at night when she removes her jewels. But so suffers royalty.

What I'd like to do is mimic this simple design. Long necklaces are back in style, it seems, and this Queen Elizabeth inspired design would be lovely.

But I would already have made one and be showing you pictures now if it weren't for the lack of good teardrop pearl pendants in the "local" hobby shops. It's a sad thing to search and not find what you are looking for. But I still have my eyes open and one day I'll be able to show you those pictures.

Until then, take a look around and check out the other crafty things that inspires me. Or read what I've written on the incredible finds in the scientific world!

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