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If I haven’t mentioned it already, my all-time favorite TV show is Mission: Impossible. Peter Graves is Jim Phelps, Barbara Bain is Cinnamon Carter, Martin Landau is Rollin Hand, Greg Morris is Barney Collier, and Peter Lupus is Willy Armitage. Any show or movie that follows is fan fiction. (I say this in good humor since I am a fan of the movies as well, especially Ghost Protocol).

The Impossible Missions Force, or IMF, is the epitomy of class, brains, and keeping it cool. They never get it wrong, except on the rarest occasion, and then the unknown only intensifies the action and their abilities.

Now I don’t “worship” fictional characters, or any other for that matter, but I do have my favorites, as any ol’ fan would.

Cinnamon Carter, the main female agent of the show until near the end of season 3 in 1969, is the essence of 60’s fashion and aptitude. She handles every situation calmly and eloquently.

When I want a good example of retro makeup or hair I go straight to Cinnamon Carter.

They played with her looks here and there but for the most part her hair was short with the curls and body typical of the era. Her makeup was often made up of neutrals, unless the situation demanded otherwise, wide and defined eyeliner, flawless skin, and bright red lips. I’ve tried to copy her look on many occasion.

Not all her outfits were flattering in my opinion, as it went in the 70’s, but they were the height of fashion. In this photo from the episode The Seal (season 2, episode 9) she wears a chocolate brown blazer over a cream-colored sweater and a matching brown pencil skirt. She was playing the part of a news reporter and adds a touch of “down-to-earth” by rolling up her sleeves.

A fellow IMF member, Barney Collier, poses as her photographer. In most episodes, Barney and Willy both wear uniforms of a dozen different professions, but this was a time when Barney had a good look going for him.

I love his gold button-up and hunter green suit coat. You can’t see it in these pictures, but he is also wearing medium grey slacks. By leaving off a tie and unbuttoning the collar, Barney’s usual firm demeanor is softened.

Something I can’t help repeating, people just don’t dress with the pride they used to. 

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2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Style”

  • I agree. People use to put real thought into what they wore, now it's anything goes. Back "in the day", you would even dress with style to go to the grocery store. Not "dressed up", but very neat and not "eyebrow raising". Now people come to the store in house shoes (they're called house shoes for a reason), pajamas and speedos.

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