Crochet Today and Mollie Makes

Mrs. Muir Afghan, one of my designs.

It’s not news that I really looked forward to each issue of Crochet Today magazine. As a crochet designer, I found it inspiring and very helpful. It encouraged me to be fun with what I made and enjoy what I was doing. It was a brilliant contrast to other magazines I’ve seen that tend to overwhelm you with technicalities and a sense of formality.

To my utter chagrin, Crochet Today is no longer putting out magazines. Instead I was sent the US edition of Mollie Makes for the remainder of my subscription.

At first I was disappointed at losing Crochet Today magazine but I wasn’t too let down since I had previously wanted to look into the Mollie Makes magazine. The all around style of the magazine was alluring and fresh. I realized it wasn’t solely a crochet magazine but I love a little inspiration in nearly any craft.

I read the first magazine through and was fairly pleased. It had what I expected, and yet there was an air about it I found irritating.

In the art world there is an amount of “free thinking” and “liberality” that I may not agree with but remains all the same. In my opinion, there is a difference between creativity and liberal free thinking.

Crochet Today kept themselves socially acceptable and subtly leaned toward liberal media while Mollie Makes is awash with it. When did social tolerance have anything to do with making pillows or tye-dyeing shirts?

It’s hard for me to enjoy the crafts presented in the magazine when I’m bombarded with social agenda. For example, when they choose to write profiles on people who work on drag and burlesque costumes.

Why does being artistic and creative have to mean accepting all manner of lifestyles and beliefs?

Most of these world-views presented in such magazines, and the world as a whole, are wrong. Liberal thinking like homosexuality, the New Age Movement, and feminism, to name a few, are running rampant in our society but we have the ability, and the obligation, to stand up for what is right and biblical. God is clear about these things in His word. Why should we yield ourselves to this state of life?

In conclusion, though Mollie Makes has some interesting projects and inspiring magazine style, as a whole, I wouldn’t purchase it and neither would I recommend it to anyone else.

This is my honest opinion. What is yours? I’m interested in what you have to say.

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