Month: June 2014

Crochet Inspiration in the Movies: The Polly Belt

While watching an episode of Mission: Impossible, the 60’s TV series, I noticed Cinnamon’s choice of a navy blue dress suit and lemon yellow accessories. Now regularly, I am not a fan of navy blue –in fact, I’m not a fan of blue itself. It’s […]

In My Backyard – Issue #14 – Tough Oriole Love

Baltimore Oriole, Adult Male Only in the past few years have we been blessed with these beautiful birds. The Baltimore Oriole has since been a yearly occupant. We’re getting better opportunities to capture them with our cameras each year. The picture above was taken near […]

The Disney Inspired Cephalopod

Courtesy of Ocean Explorer Of all the creatures seen by NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer and those of us onshore, the Dumbo Octopus doubtlessly wins the award of the most adorable! Courtesy of E/V Nautilus My first encounter with the Dumbo Octopus was in 2013 from the […]

Facts, Research, and Historical Fiction Novels

Torchy Blane, newspaper reporter in film. I like facts and I like getting all the details. There’s just something satisfying about knowing you’ve covered all your bases. Unfortunately, my love of facts and details — not to mention accuracy — causes me to occasionally overload […]