My Christmas Dreams… in July

Ice covered tree stump.

It’s strange but lately I’ve been thinking about Christmas. Not necessarily planning for it, though I did tell myself just this morning that I needed to start getting ideas for presents. I even sang Judy Garland’s version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas just this morning. Mother gave me a where-did-that-come-from look and I told her I just wanted to sing it.

To those of you who like to “celebrate” Christmas all year round, this is nothing. But to those of you who think of Christmas and groan, I’m sure you are groaning now. If you knew us you’d know that we aren’t in the first group and are more like the second. We love Christmas but we never manage to spend it right.

Crochet Christmas Star(s) on Etsy (from Pinterest)

Either way, despite the difficulties we have with Christmas, I can’t help but love it and think fondly of what it means to me. If I haven’t said already on my blog, I love a good old-fashioned Christmas. Years ago, when I was probably half my age now, my idea of a perfect Christmas was an old log cabin on a snowy mountain, far from anywhere, with candles and lamps for lighting, a tree fresh from the surrounding woods decorated with handmade ornaments and popcorn garland. The cabin would smell of apple spice and the wood beds would all be covered in warm handmade quilts. I longed for the Christmas we’d be able to spend like this. It was also when we used to travel a lot and I actually thought something like this would be possible. I don’t suppose it’s necessary for me to tell you that it never happened, but to be honest, I’ve never uncrossed my fingers.

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It’s times when the event isn’t upon you that you are able to think of it with fonder thoughts. What are your fondest Christmas memories or dreams? I’ve love to hear them.

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